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This is what people who have received our services think about us, and how PAC has helped create positive change.

Ever since I've started PAC I've felt more happier and confident about myself I like PAC because you feel like there's always someone to talk to and you can start to help making a difference I've been able to release pent up feelings. It's calming and relaxing after a long school day of only being in my head Pac has helped me build confidence and help with emotions. I have found PAC very helpful PAC has helped me to deal with my feelings! PAC helped me feel better when I wasn't feeling good. PAC help me to cope with my stress and provide me with ideas to sort out a problem that I had PAC is a great place to be full of different activities. Staff are really nice and it is a all round great therapy

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This cloud gallery is provided by PAC with the express permission of each young person.