Young People


At PAC all of our counselling and therapy sessions are held in private working with the same therapist every week. We understand that everyone is an individual and has different needs so we will do things in your session that you find useful. Sessions will continue until you decide you no longer need them and this can be anything from 6 weeks to more than a year.

Life can be difficult and complicated and it is normal sometimes to feel like we need extra help or support to help us deal with this. You might think that parents and friends aren’t the right people to speak to as perhaps you don’t want to worry them so this is where a counsellor or therapist can help.

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If you want to come to PAC or ask us any questions you can get in touch using our contact page, call us on 01228 533874 or message us on Facebook. @pactherapy

PAC has male and female therapists so please let us know if you have a preference.


Will you tell anyone what I share in session?

All young people are entitled to confidentiality. This means that what is discussed in session will be kept private between you and your therapist. This is a really important part of therapy as it helps you feel safe to share whatever you might need to without worrying what others will think or say.

The only exception to this is where a therapist may have serious concerns over your safety or someone else’s due to something you have told them. They would then have to share this information with the appropriate person. This could be a parent or carer, school or outside agency. You will be informed of this and included in the discussion as much as possible.


What happens next?

When we receive your referral form someone will get in touch to let you know that you’re on the waiting list. We will contact you again to let you know when there is someone available to work with you.


What to expect

Your first session at PAC will last for up to an hour. You will be able to look around and meet the person you’ll be working with. You will get to discuss what you’d like to get from the sessions if you decide that you want to attend. You can bring a parent, carer, an adult that you trust, or you can also come alone if you prefer. If you bring someone with you they can meet your therapist but the session will just be for you.